Beat Capital Partners (“Beat”) was incorporated in May 2017 as a long duration venture capital investor exclusively focused on the insurance industry.

Beat offers the right teams start-up funding, infrastructure, risk capital and A+ rated paper plus experienced guidance and support. Beat backs certain start-up teams and seeks partnership opportunities involving existing portfolios, platforms or technologies, where our expertise brings value.

In addition to the management group, Beat shareholders include AmWins Group (a global specialty broker with over US$17 billion of annual premium placed), Bain Capital Credit (a leading global credit specialist with over US$40 billion in assets under management) and Elliott Management Corporation (a fund manager with over US$40 billion in assets under management).

Since its inception, Beat has invested in multiple start-up businesses, with combined annual gross premiums in excess of US$500 million for 2023.

Beat helps manage Syndicates 4242 and 1416 at Lloyd’s and Cadenza Re, a Class 3a Bermudian reinsurer, all on behalf of third party capital.

Beat is a private, independent business with strong backers and a commitment to be the best possible partner for entrepreneurial insurance talent.

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